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Site Revamp

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Site Revamp
Jennifer Willeck

612-716-2319 phone

P.O. Box 18551
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418


At Site Revamp, we offer top quality search engine optimization and SEO friendly web design service. Our experienced SEO experts and web designers have been helping clients both in Minnesota and across the countries to build stronger businesses. We specialize in:

- Top organic rankings at Google, Yahoo and MSN for your target keywords -
- Higher web traffic, more quality sales and leads
- User-friendly web design for higher visitor-to-customer conversions
- Search engine marketing integrating SEO with pay-per-click campaigns

Search engine optimization is the newest frontier of online marketing. If your search engine optimization and marketing campaign has not produced the desired result, we can make an objective evaluation as to whether your optimization effort is properly planned and executed. SEO techniques have been evolving fast during the past 5 years, as most of the outdated ones being widely regarded as unethical. Using unethical SEO practices to trick search engines often draw a severe penalty which can results in lowered rankings or even a delisting. Many so-called SEO companies still resort to those unethical and outdated techniques. Our SEO audit will make sure that your SEO campaign done by any third party employs only acceptable tactics.

Our SEO site audit will also provide sound advice as to what your SEO campaign's strengths are and what the weaknesses are. We make a list of improvement suggestions that can be implemented to increase your rankings.



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Web Design/Internet Services : Online Marketing
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Web Design/Internet Services : Search Engine Optimization


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