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Ten Seven, Interactive launches new website.

Posted by: Ten Seven, Interactive.

Ten Seven, Interactive launches new website.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota—August 6, 2007—Ten Seven, Interactive today launched their website ( providing more information about the company and showcasing some of the work it has done since being founded in April, 2007. Built on open-source technology and utilizing the compact Object-Oriented JavaScript framework MooTools, Ten Seven's website is a minimal single-page site containing contact information, available services and portfolio pieces.

In addition to building, managing, monitoring and supporting websites, Ten Seven, Interactive partners with award-winning graphic designers like Hofmeister Design ( to create stunning visual communication pieces for your company's web presence. Ten Seven can also help you scale your presence to handle high-volume traffic and can design a bullet-proof backup and disaster recovery solution for your business, whether Mac or PC based. Visit for complete details of all services on offer.

About Ten Seven

Founded in April 2007, Ten Seven, Interactive. LLC is a boutique web development studio that enjoys building websites that look good, act fast, are easy to use and a breeze to maintain. Using open-source and open standards while partnering with graphic design professionals, Ten Seven crafts, services and maintains web solutions of high-quality. Ten Seven is also able to provide technology consulting services to help you scale your business' website, to design a bullet-proof back and disaster recovery solution while ensuring best-practices and standards are always met.

Press Contact

Ivan Stegic
Ten Seven, Interactive.
(612) 868-7884