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Clockwork Unable to Avoid Awards

Posted by: Clockwork Active Media Systems, LLC

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Clockwork Active Media Systems ( has once again been selected as one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal.  This year, the award was a complete accident.

“After winning the award last year,” explained Managing Director, Meghan Wilker, “we decided that our employees have it just a little bit too cushy around here.  So we decided that there there was no way that we were going to let this happen again.”

The company was unable to avoid it, however.  “We took some drastic steps.  We insulted people, we humiliated them in front of their peers; what does a company have to do to alienate their employees these days?” lamented CTO, Kurt Koppelman.

Apparently the long standing tradition of respect and collaboration was simply too much to overcome.

Said CCO, Chuck Hermes, “When I ridiculed the work of my creative staff, they seemed to think I was joking and they would riff on the theme.  Pretty soon everyone was laughing and having fun and the next thing I know, they have elevated the quality of their design concepts even more.”  Hermes added, “And then the client would absolutely love the work, adding insult to injury.”

President and CEO, Nancy Lyons, showed determination to correct these issues by next year.  “That's it, we are opening an office in Nome, Alaska to wipe the smiles off all of those faces,” she exclaimed after another meeting with the happy, productive staff.

CFO, Michael Koppelman, seemed to roll with the punches however.  “We did have a fantastic year again, maybe people enjoying their jobs this much is not such a big problem after all,” he said with a shrug.

About Clockwork Active Media Systems
Clockwork is a collaborative organization generating active, visually exciting, web-based products and services. They work to enable and empower businesses to profit by deftly deploying strategies best suited for the unique climate of the Internet marketplace. Clockwork was also awarded the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award by the Minnesota Psychological Association.

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