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Flaire Installs Presstek's New 34DI 4-Color Digital Printing Press

Posted by: Flaire Print Communications

vibrant color

High Quality, Short Run Printing

We live in an on-demand world of overnight deliveries, digital transmission, and instant global communication. To keep pace  with this fast-paced digital world, Flaire Print Communications  has added another direct imaging digital press. The new press  produces high-quality, full color printing in shorter runs--  perfect for focused, target market, relevant communication.

It no longer makes sense to print marketing materials in large volumes for economy of scale. Today, shorter, more targeted  runs are in demand, and they are revised and reprinted as market conditions change and evolve without the need to incur huge  costs of obsolete marketing collateral.


Flaire's new 34DI Presstek DirectPress  provides high definition output that exceeds that of conventional  offset presses and toner-based printers. The automation and  inherent quality of the new press offers high fidelity, artifact-free  images, fine detail, smoother vignettes, better flesh tones,  straight and smooth lines and edges, and eliminate moiré and  rosettes.


The extreme efficiency and exceptional  quality of the new press is the result of the blending of three  unique technologies— press design, laser imaging and thermal plate media. Working together  as an integrated system, this state-of-the-art technology  is able to produce up to 300 lpi (line per inch).

In addition, the press uses waterless printing  technology to eliminate the dampening system used on a conventional  press and the problems associated with ink/water balance, resulting  in more consistent color and color saturation throughout the  print run. Dark areas in process color look darker and deeper,  and highlights look brighter and cleaner. Images take on a  three-dimensional quality not possible with conventional offset  printing.

rich darks


The new high-tech press prints  on a variety of substrates from as thin as 0.0024” all  the way up to 0.02” thick.  The ability to print short-runs of heavy, 20-point board  coupled with Flaire’s die cutting expertise, provides  a perfect solution for short-run packaging.

Cleaner Environment

The new press removes the hazard and problems associated with  a chemical based workflow. There is no processor maintenance,  no storage of toxic chemicals or chemical disposal.

Flaire is ahead of the curve with businesses that demand cost-effective,  fast, quality color printing. The new digital direct imaging press produces vibrant color, amazing reflective reproduction,  crisp detail, saturated hues, rich darks and striking shadows.  Contact a Flaire sales rep today and see for your self the  remarkable, high-quality printing available from Flaire!