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Meyers wins Platinum, Gold and Bronze at 2007 Design Of The Times!

Posted by: Meyers

Presented by P-O-P Times, the Design of the Times Awards Competition recognizes the in-store marketing industry's best displays and retail promotions. Entries are judged by more than 100 brand marketing and retailing executives who judge the entries based on:
•    Creativity in design and engineering
•    Innovative use of materials
•    Compatibility of the display to its retail channel
•    Ability to enhance brand image
•    Realization of sales and marketing objectives

At this year’s awards Meyers won both a gold and platinum for their design of the Budweiser Motorcycle Piston Topper temporary display in the on & off premise category.  The gold award was for best in category.  The platinum award was one of only six given at the show and qualified the entry as a “Design Of The Year” finalist.
The Bud piston topper was designed to capture consumer attention and drive retail sales in select markets.  The motorized pistons in the design follow each other up and down, just as they do in the Harley-Davidson “V” twin engine.  Consumers and motorcycle enthusiasts embraced the display as unique and fun to watch as the pistons ran through their cycle.

Meyers also won a bronze for their design of a promotion for Samsung’s introduction of their new M620 phone.  The use of multiple elements including
signage, a standee, brochures, window decals, and a unique guitar case with a guitar and promotional phone included were all used to create an immediate awareness and impact for the product launch.
The size and the complexity of this promotion make’s it noteworthy.  With a large number of elements, different kits with different contents and multiple locations, this was a challenging and successful promotion.

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