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Flaire Print Awarded 2006 Graphic Arts Industry Leader of the Year

Posted by: Flaire Print Communications

Each  year previous recipients of the Graphic Arts Industry  Leader of the Year award meet to determine who has earned  the recognition for the current year. This year the vote  was unanimous for Mark Kuzma, a man who truly loves the  printing industry.

The  committee discussed the leadership Mark provided as Board Chair during the changes at  PIM caused by the death of Kel Johnson and hiring of  David Radziej. Mark faced the difficult task with the same positive attitude he applies to his life and business.

Mark  opened Flaire Print Communications as a family-run shop. Over the years, nearly all his family have been part  of the operation. His children remember all the times  that he was there for them, cheering them on at school  events and then going back to the shop to finish a job.

Mark  embraces new technology with the attitude of how he will make it work to provide better customer service, He thrives  on being a leader in technology.

Article taken from "Graphic  Arts Industry Leader of the Year". Printing Industry  of Minnesota- Graphic News.