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Treefort Launches the website!

Posted by: Treefort

Treefort, Inc. has been working with Minnesota Creative Source for many months to create a powerful tool for the Minnesota creative community in the form of Through the dedication of Linda Cail, Pamela Marcus and the entire staff at Treefort, the site design and development has been a complete success.

This new site will bring together the finest creative talent our region has to offer in a single place - allowing buyers of photography, illustration, film, video, animation, sound, design and other indusry services any easy way to find resources.

The website featured powerful search capabilities not found in other national portoflio sites, ability to upload video, audio and web links, as well as RSS Photocasts and Video and Audio podcasts.

Treefort is proud to work with Minnesota Creative Source and proud to help bring this tool to you. We wish all the participating advertisers good luck.

Jeremy Gavin
Treefort, Inc.