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Clockwork's Recent Awards

Posted by: Clockwork Active Media Systems, LLC

September 15, 2008
Yesterday, the Web Marketing Association announced the 2008 WebAward Winners.    Among them are 2 sites designed by Clockwork:  Cargill's Diamond Crystal Salt Website and 3WayTV.

Diamond Crystal Salt was awarded "Consumer Goods Standards of Excellence."  Comments by the judges included: 

"Very impressive bridge between a large, generally b-b brand and the consumer. Appreciate the FAQ's."

"Good clean site design, good work!"

3WayTV was awarded "Outstanding Website" wih this comment,

"Very strong communal feeling, and a site that captures the light-hearted nature of this show. "

Best Place to Work

Clockwork was also recently recognized as a "Best Place to Work" by the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal.  This is Clockwork's 3rd consecutive year achieving this honor.

About the Web Marketing Association

The Web Marketing Association was founded in 1997 to help set a high standard for Internet marketing and development of the best websites on the World Wide Web. Staffed by volunteers, this organization is made up of Internet marketing, online advertising, PR, and top web site design professionals who share an interest in improving the quality of online advertising, internet marketing, and website promotion.

About Clockwork

Clockwork is a collaborative organization generating active, visually exciting, web-based products and services. We work to enable and empower businesses to profit by deftly deploying strategies best suited for the unique climate of the Internet marketplace.

Clockwork invents, designs, develops and maintains web applications that market, sell, streamline, automate and communicate.

Call Clockwork at:  612.746.1850 or visit them at