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Posted by: k. noel photography

k. noel photography, owned by Paul and Karina Peterson of Marine on St. Croix, MN, are seeking commercial assignments:
*friendly, hardworking photography pros
*manual SLR lifestyle spontaneous photography
*portable studios
*woodworking for sets included
*references, testimonials
*pros for over 15 years!
*fashion, child, catalog, artwork and woodworking photography
*see our page on Facebook: k. noel photography, the BEST photography in the Twin Cities! We love what we do! we wish for retainer opportunities.  Pro working proposals for prospects available.  "Out of the box" lifestyle photography, connecting with the subjects.  Beautiful website and portfolios. 
*reasonable rates for retainer jobs!
*visa/mc accepted
Unique and teamwork approach with your marketing team!
Thank you!