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Clockwork Wants You!

Posted by: Clockwork Active Media Systems, LLC

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Clockwork Active Media Systems Wants You!

Clockwork is hiring for the following positions:

    * Interactive Designer
    * Software Engineer
    * Tester/Bug Squasher
    * Web Production Specialist
    * Project Manager

Please forward your resume to:

Clockwork prides itself on creating an environment in which employees are treated as adults and can enjoy a flexible schedule and maintain a healthy work - life balance.  Employees regularly work from home, timeshift their schedules, bring their dogs and kids to work, eat lunch together, solve problems and work collaboratively, and enjoy an open work environment where the lines of communication between management and employees are always open.

"I've always wondered if it was crazy for me to love working here so much," mused intern, Kyle Meyer.  "I guess it's not."

Clockwork is a collaborative organization generating active, visually exciting, web-based products and services. They work to enable and empower businesses to profit by deftly deploying strategies best suited for the unique climate of the Internet marketplace. Clockwork invents, designs, develops and maintains web applications that market, sell, streamline, automate and communicate.

For more information, please visit